We’re are the solution to your your logistics solutions.

At Mikumi Freight Forwarders, we believe in providing you with the best cargo and transit freight services. Our local divisions are outfitted with expert staff committed to offering competitive rates for customs clearance, freight forwarding, removal assistance, and daily correspondence. We value cargo security, which is why we take a proactive approach to tracking our export and import cargo by collaborating with cargo tracking firms. Trust us to provide you with the most reliable and efficient shipping services. Choose Mikumi Freight Forwarders for all your cargo and transit freight needs.

About our Managing Director, Mr. Emile Nyilidandi at Mikumi Freight Forwarders Ltd.

Behold Emile, a masterful logistics, project management, and technology artisan. A pathfinder of the highest order, his journey has been one of delivering excellence within the most challenging timeframes. His unparalleled prowess in organization and planning has enabled him and his team to navigate the most intricate logistical requirements easily. Beyond his technical mastery, Emile is a gifted communicator and consultant, able to engage and collaborate with professionals across all levels of an organization. His eloquence and precision in conveying messages resonate deeply, delivering the desired outcomes. His leadership team echoes his commitment to excellence, leaving no stone unturned in providing outstanding client results. Emile’s insatiable hunger for growth and mastery propels him forward, constantly seeking new ways to deepen his knowledge and bring more excellent value to his clients. His logistics, project management, and technology abilities make him an indispensable ally for any organization looking to achieve its goals with precision and efficiency.

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